How to get rid of a pimple – tips to get rid of and prevent pimples

January 13, 2007

Firstly, to understand and benefit fully from this blog post, you must first understand how a pimple develops.  I wrote an article about it, just follow this link at ezinearticles: How to get rid of a pimple – know the underlying causes and be pimple-free for life, then come back here.

Now, after knowing the underlying causes, you really need to only watch out for 3 things – oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria.  So here are a few practical tips for you:

1) Use a mild cleanser to rid your face of excess oil and dirt.  Wash your face every morning and evening as well as in times when your face feels very, very, oily (i.e. after exercising, and in tropical countries, you tend to sweat and feel oily a lot).

2) Don’t use oil-based moisturizers and lotions.  You would know if the moisturizer feels very slippery and greasy after it is allowed to dry.  You can also put moisturizer on a thin sheet of paper and let it dry.  If it’s oil-based, you would know, it looks awful.

3) Wash your hair everyday.  Hair is very dirty and most of the time it touches your face (if you have long hair).  Some people also have oilier hair, they should really keep this tip in mind.

4) Stop touching and/or putting too much pressure (when washing your face) on the pimple.  Your hands are dirty most of the time and putting pressure on the pimple would stimulate the gland and produce more oil as well as irritate the pimple.  It also goes to show that popping a pimple is a definite no-no.

5) Relax and control stress.  Stress is believed to be a contributing factor in sebum production and shedding of dead skin cells.  This topic is still under debate but it helps to be cautious.

6) Be patient, pimples usually subside after 2-4 weeks (assuming you keep your face clean, minimize oiliness, and have the self-control to not touch it) There you go, remember that the key to battling pimple breakouts and acne is not a product or a dermatological procedure, but the knowledge of the underlying causes of pimples and controlling those factors.  Now that you know, you’ll be pimple-free in no time. 

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